Stilts walkers

You know what is the first think which came to audience when they suddenly see giant entertainers? There are different words but all of them abut one emotions – wow. It calls “Wow-effect” so no wonder why “Soul event” always recommend this entertainment when client asks about something extraordinary. You will agree that start your event with wow-emotion is always a good choice. Your day will become special and full of surprised happiness if you hire stilts walkers for your show. Doesn’t meter is it big corporate event, wedding, birthday celebration or anything else. 

As usual people hire stilts walkers for 2-3 hours, but we have experience when our entertainers was working during 5-6 hours in case of the audience couldn’t let them go. Don’t worry stilts walkers like their job so also got only positive memories from each event. If you think about joyful wedding, you really need to think about stilts walkers. Just imagine, our entertainers could become a lively archway, meet your guests, explode safe fireworks or just walk and create incredible atmosphere of your celebration.

A large base of our costumes is always open for you. We have many options which will satisfy everyone. There is also possible to sew a costume personally for your event if you need something really special. But in any case all entertainers, costumes and stunts will be selected thoroughly to fit the style and theme of your event.
Stilts walkers’ entertainment is always about fun and exciting event. Our performance
will be a truly unusual gift and real surprise for anyone. Just close your eyes and imagine! Everything else “Soul event” will be happily done for you.