Pixel show

Let us introduce you a new generation of future entertainment. “Soul event” company is proud to present you our pixel show. What is the difference between LED show and Pixel show? The answer is in style. Compare to LED show the pixel show artist could leave not only bright color plume but the whole light picture or logo instead. Pixel show is about colorful pictures which fast change each other, before we admired that only in cinema. Nowadays it’s realty and your guest will surely like this.

 “Soul event” company have prepared some pictures which will be good for any entertainment. But if you need something special, you could order pictures by themes like a romantic, Christmas, kids, etc. All our collections always update. Cause
Being professional is what do we really love. So, of course, according to your wish we can prepare any block of pictures. Pixel show will be a cherry on the cake at each event. There are a few ideas how you could use our magic pictures. But we won’t be wonder if you imagine something more gorgeous. “Soul event” company would love to realize any your wish.
For instance, wedding party…Could you imagine how much wonder your guests when they see you light names in the dark with the light flowers and hearts on the background? We can bet you will remand this moment for many years. Or what if you write birthday wishes on light pictures? And pixel logo company on your corporate event? In any case pixel show will become a bright moment on your entertainment!

Don’t hesitate to call us. And we recommend how to make your event with more light and what kind of pictures do you need. We open to all ideas and would be glad to create with you a new fabulous entertainment.