Are you inspiring with the classical ballet but feel like it will be too boring on your event, aren’t you? Or maybe are you one of those who appreciate modern art and especially modern dance? “Soul event” agency sure that you will in love in our modern dance performance. Modern dance in “Soul event” agency is a drive entertainment which will burn a fire in your eyes and charge you with an excellent mood for a long period.

 Each dance can tell a story. Based on traditional ballet, modern dance adds some freedom to movement, creates a new language and investigates surround life. Modern dance hasn’t as long history as any other kind of dance. But if you are going to have contemporary event or opening show, burning modern dance is all what you need. Modern dance is about freedom, possibilities and creating something new in any conditions. Modern entertainment is a manifesto about everyday struggles, society and the role of each people in the whole world. Would you like to see the reflection of our routine life in amazing performance of our entertainers? We sure “Yes”. Especially If it is performed by our professional choreographers. Modern dance is on the top of the things which everyone has to see.

“Soul event” company have numerous performance which is relate to modern dance. Don’t worry our company can recommend each client what will better for the concrete event. All you need is just share with us your wishes and everything else we take in our hands. You can be sure our entertainers tell you amazing stories through the dance action which will deeply impress you with the first movements..