Martini glass 

Martini Glass show is one of the most legendary entertainment in “Soul Event” company. Firstly, that performance was shown by famous Dita Von Teese a couple of decades ago. Audience was shocked in a good sense of word. The popularity of that entertainment was growing up with each day. Now Martini Glass show becomes a separate performance which have their fans in the whole world. Martini Glass entertainment is a beautiful mix of romantic dance and ironic script which becomes the main in that kind of extraordinary entertainment.

Due to your wishes our charmed girl in the glass could meet your guests, create atmosphere or show hypnotize dance on music which you prefer. Beautiful movements in addition to unusual charm will be able to hypnotize everyone. Extraordinary bath tube which is represented as a martini glass wake up your fantasy in a moment. In any case Martini Glass entertainment is the small theatre performance with a deep sense which make each guest becomes totally exciting on your event.
Magic compositions are attracted by huge number of fans and make them wait for a new surprise. The plasticity, the openness of the moving and invisible intriguing attraction make it possible to make each speech unique and inimitable. This is a fairy magic.

If you hire our Martini show your guest will be happy with that idea. You could believe us, in case of our long experience and professional team. We know who to “wrap” and prepare martini glass for your show in the most special way. To spend your event with us, means get saturated, spectacular and interesting experience. We can make all you wish come true. Just contact with us.