Have ever heard about Dabke? That is really special dance which promotes eternal values such as family, love and support. Dabke is an extraordinary performance which was founded in the small village somewhere in mountains. Dabke dance was created by ordinary people. In case they used to build their houses with trees and sludge. Anytime when the climate changed, the sludge crashed and all family were stomping the sludge back. They used to sing the song for staying warm. Nowadays this tradition isn’t actual anymore due to development of building technology. But authentic villagers are still like to share these songs and movement with their relatives as a reminder of the importance of family values. The main idea of dabke has been transformed into a symbol of love and support. So now wonder that dabke is not only exciting entertainment but also a strong remainder about really important things.

Usually during performance entertainers wear costumes based on traditional clothes. A simple dance includes about 15 steps, with amazing entertainment. But as we know all genius is always simple. Today dabke entertainment is the widely performed at birthdays, weddings or family celebration events. It turns into exciting performance which make you and your guests follow each movement. And warm atmosphere of dabke dance will be invisible filling your souls. Should we say that with that entertainment you will get good vibes and wonderful mood for the long time? So if you need something warm and special “Soul event” agency knows how to please you.

Strong team of professional dancers will be glad to entertain you during the whole event. We sure with dabke dance each celebration becomes more warm and cozy. You will get exciting impression and will remind this day with the smile on your face. Just contact and hire our service. Everything else “Soul event” will do ourselves and, of course, with the high level..