Bubble show

      “Bubble show” is one of the most mysterious entertainment in “Soul event” agency. Entertainer inside a bubble looks like an attractive alien. According to your wish it could be acrobatic performance or tender dance. Whatever you choose you will be hypnotized with mysterious movements of our alien artist. While you will enjoy tasty food and pleasant talks with your guests, our artists will create a pure magic on the stage. Lights and shadows in conjunction with extraordinary suits and charming movements of our entertainer make you feel pleasant excitation. That hypnotized cocktail guarantee will make your event charming full of positive vibes and fancy atmosphere.

 “Bubble show” will be perfect for Corporate event, New Year’s or Birthday celebration. It could be adult entertainment as well as a kid’s show. Our professional artists have great experience to work with any audience. Both small children and adults equally like alien “Bubble show”. “Soul event” entertainers could start your event with that mysterious performance or move it to the end as a bright final. But we highly recommend you to order “Bubble show” if only your location will have at least a small platform, since It looks best in motion. Each holiday is unique so only in personal discus we could understand what will be best for you. We are glad to talk with each client it helps us to know more about him and find out the best decision for each event. Depending on you we could decorate performance as it required and bring you and your guests the most exciting memories ever.

If you still don’t sure will be good enough “Bubble show” for your celebration, don’t hesitate to call us. “Soul event company” always happy to help you with all questions and recommend you the best options for you. We are open to discuss any ideas and create your unique performance according to your event.