Authentic UAE culture is perfectly represented in Arab dance. That kind of performance is highly popular on the whole UAE territory especially in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi. Your guests will like a party with the elements of traditional culture. Folk culture tends to remind about our roots and real values which make that performance always actual. ''Soul event’’ company have enough experience to assure you that if you hire our Arab dancers you will get the most exciting show ever.

In spite of the high popularity Arab dance there are still many people whose don’t know about its history. It is thought that Arab dance was founded a century ago somewhere in Egypt. However, that performance quickly spread on the territory of the Middle East and North Africa. Arab dance is generally connected with Egyptian costumes and atmosphere music on the background. The main skills of this dance are still inherited from mother to daughter. In general entertainers are feminine. Usually their performance consists of isolated movements of the hips, which is reminds to audience the beginning of a new life. That’s why people like to say that Arab dance is “Dance of Life”.

“Soul event” agency would be glad to give you an opportunity to enjoy that mysterious entertainment. We sure your guests will be hypnotized with a continuous fast shake of the hips or shoulder of our amazing entertainers. Arab dance continues to be the base of any celebrations and special events. If you hire Arab dancers for your corporate party or other event, you will get good vibes, some wonderful memories and awesome experience. Because we, “Soul event” entertainment company, knows how to make your event perfect.