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 “Soul event” is an event agency operated in UAE (Dubai / Abu Dhabi). Our company is always happy to provide you with the best artists and choreography. Event coordinator helps you to manage with all process. And for sure gather best artists on your entertainment. Our party planner will take care about each details. You can be sure that each part of your evening will be on the highest level. Leave for us all your difficult decision and get pleasure during the full show.  





International dance


Stilts walkers




Fire show


Quick change

Pixel Show

Martini glass

Bubble show


It’s doesn’t matter how big party is it going to be - it’s an honor for us to work with you anyway. Our dancers are support any program with amazing dance show.
“Soul event” specializes on different kinds of entertainment:

Arabic dance is a good choice for those who admires folk culture.

Bollywood is the best option to dazzle and impress your guest with their vibrant performances.

Dabke dance is the widely performed at weddings and other joyous occasions.

Modern dance can best reflect that contemporary feel you are looking for.

International dance will enchant you with their engrossing performances and immerse you in another culture.

Welcome show is good for any important meeting. We know how to make it professionally.

Stilts walkers is one of the most extraordinary show which you have ever seen.

Kids show gives you couple hours in a silence due to we know how to captive your children.

Ballet dance may be best suited if you are celebrating a past era or indulging in some vintage glamour

Latino dancers always provide an amazing show that will leave everyone with a smile.

LED dancers may use energy and colorful performances to draw in the crowds for a promotional campaign.

Fire show definitely can bring any event to life.

Quick change show is sure to be a magical experience for all your guests.

Martini glass fit in seamlessly with the vibe and type of event.

Pixel show is full of beautiful visuals and graceful movements which will enchant the guests at every event.

With a diverse range of incredible dancers to hire, we can promise you that it will be an unforgettable occasion. We have experienced dancers that will make the day special. One of the main decisions you will need to make is what style of dancer you would like. Is it salsa, bachata or fire show. We can make you a fabulous event for you where all guest will be entertainment full time.

Each style of dance has a different effect on their audience. Experience has shown “Soul event” artists will appeal to all ages. A formal corporate event would most likely need a more classic style of dancers whereas a more relaxed event with young children would benefit energetic and vibrant dancers. But there is no doubt that we will find something special for each client.

Brilliant news for those who also have an event agency - we are glad to work with you and support each your project with huge power of our awesome artists.

Don’t hesitate to contact with us – we are always open to discuss any new project and make one more exciting show. 

Soul Events

Event Agency in UAE. Dancers Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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